Data Engineering

We design robust and scalable solutions to streamline data processing, ensuring seamless integration and actionable insights.

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Advanced Analytics

From predictive modeling to data-driven strategies, we turn complex data into valuable forsights, propelling your success in the dynamic market.

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Automation has always been the corner stone of development right from the industrial revolution days.

Visualize Your Data

Create interactive, mobile ready dashboards on your enterprise data with stunning visuals and complete self-service capability.

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Our service theme for the next decade is ‘Digital Transformation’, which comprises of three major components.



Data both in the form of structured and unstructured is growing by leaps and bounds, processing these large volumes of data in near real-time and extracting the knowledge from the underlying data is going to be a key differentiating factor for organizations. How can we help you to be one such organization?

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Computing power as a utility service is finally here. No more vendor lock-ins, no more huge capex expenditures, no more worry about obsolete hardware, no more worry about software end-of-life. You as an end user can finally focus on what you are good at. Are you leveraging this pay-as-you-go utility model wave?

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Automation has always been the corner stone of development right from the industrial revolution days. In today’s era of digitization, automation is taking the form of bots, machine learning and AI to transform and digitize mundane processes as well create new ones. Is automation your next initiative?

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Retail industry is one of the forerunners in adopting analytics and digital transformation initiatives. It deals with a lot of data from multiple sources and formats, and given the dynamism of the industry, it is highly imperative for them to make decisions faster and in real-time, so that they can stay ahead of the competition and build great customer experiences. Logesys has been helping the retail industry for the past eight years in getting analytical solutions across different formats and functions.  

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Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing industry has been the driving global economy for decades; some countries have achieved tremendous growth through industrialization and by focusing on the manufacturing sectors as a constant driver for economic success. It can also state that manufacturing is one of the oldest industrial sectors globally, where there are three distinct revolutions preceding the current one - ‘Industry 4.0’. ..

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Industry Containing a bulk of goods

Supply Chain

Supply chain industry deals with multiple stakeholders while executing a single transaction, which means there are multiple moving parts that need to be managed and optimized for efficiency and cost. It is a critical success factor across many industries, as they provide the last mile connectivity for goods and services. Designing, planning and executing efficient cross border supply chains are essential to ensure that the right goods are available to the right customers at the right time…

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Augmented Reality Life Science


Life-sciences has been one of the pioneering Industries in adopting high end analytics for research and development. The adoption of this competency is in fact reaching beyond the research division into day-to-day functions such as financial management, patient management, healthcare practitioners performance management and program management within hospitals. Some of the key reasons this industry has been adopting analytics is to facilitate diagnosis, practice ‘prevention is better cure’ mantra and reduce fraud…

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Supply Chain





Best of breed visualization tool available both in cloud and on-premise deployment models.

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

The number one BI tool in the world having a complete technology ecosystem in the cloud to supprt your advanced analytics needs.

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Microsoft office-365

Microsoft Office 365

Everyone’s favorite Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook bundled with a host of other productivity/collaboration apps available in an easy to consume subscription model.

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Microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure

Iaas, PaaS and SaaS offering from Microsoft supporting both cloud and hybrid deployments.

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Amazon Web Services


A pioneer in cloud computing, with a wide variety of web services to meet every single tech need of companies both large and small.

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Make all your business decisions with data refreshed in real-time, and enable a culture of ‘data-driven decision making’ within your organisation.


Stunning visuals can make your data meaningful and interesting to read, interpret and share


Deep dive into your data with simple click of a button and you can do this in your desktop or while youare in the move using your mobile


visualise your data over maps, drill down and zoom into the maps to explore your business footprints

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Dashboards create a single version of truth from your data, whether they reside in on-premise(ERP), off-line(Excel Files) or cloud data sources

Do you want to Visualise Data

Get a free Dashboard built today with your Data.


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