Unlock the hidden traits inside your organizational data with the agility of Qlik.

If data discovery from the massive pile of your enterprise wide data sources is giving you challenges, then the data-focused approach of Qlik is the right way

Qlik View

Why Qlik?

Qlik has been placed in the leadership quadrant of Gartner for no lame reasons. The in-memory features allow quick delivery via both the products—QlikSense and QlikView. While QlikSense offers a clutter-free and intuitive self-service visualization, QlikView is a sophisticated data discovery tool.

Qlik’s self-service BI is easy for all your employees: whether they are seasoned analysts or novice users who have no clue about the descriptive analytics services.

Benefits and Features


Self-Service BI

Self-Service BI

is intuitive by design and easy to use graphs and charts to serve every individual: novice or expert with QlikSense


Automatic Insights

Automatic Insights

Associative indexing, the USP of Qlik, helps users explore all the hidden stories among datasets taking along fragmented figures too


Quick Response

Quick Response

With in-memory processing and robust engines, get quick visual results and smooth dashboard calibration


Classy Dashboards

Classy Dashboards

Are now easy to build with QlikView’s guided and advanced analytics with a vast pool of features


Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling

aids in presenting the not-so-fun facts with anecdotes to decipher visuals and impart fascination through QlikSense


Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Using fast and natural search processes through diverse information from varied data sources IoT and edge devices


Agile Analytics

Agile Analytics

Spotlights only the crucial data leaving behind the unimportant and leveraging the diagnostic analytics services

Why Logesys?

We at Logesys have a professional team of consultants and BI developers who have rich experience in all spectrums of the BI field. Logesys offers various Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions to multiple industries like supply chain, manufacturing, life sciences, and retail.

Our Expertise

Enterprise Wide Dashboard and Visualization Solution

Get new dashboards developed in Qlik and derive right decisions using the agile analytics.

Data Analysis and Consultancy

Augment your existing descriptive analytics for historical data management system with our consultancy in Qlik and enhance the BI capabilities.

Performance Audit and Fine Tuning

Ask for the performance audit of your existing Qlik applications and get them autotuned too for better and quicker business decisions.

Migration Services to Cutting Edge Analytics

Migrate your BI solution from a traditional system to Qlik and bring forth the best insights hidden in organizational data.

Documentation and Ongoing Support

Get continuous maintenance from us for any amendment or enhancement along with user manuals after your analytics dashboards are live.

Customized Corporate Training

With our best-in-class corporate training packages, build your in-house expertise in Qlik.

Advanced analytics using R

Usher into the modern analytics era using Qlik and embed it with R for better data experience.

NPrinting Expertise

Convert your QlikView dashboards into Microsoft compatible reports using NPrinting based reporting.

Get free consultation on visualising your data