Build your ground-breaking application and leave the worries of setup to us.

Are you losing the focus from your application because the infrastructure is time-taking and costly? Are security and accrescent storage a challenge for you? Then why not leave those worries to Cloud services by Amazon—AWS.

AWS Services

Why AWS?

AWS gives you a ready-made platform to develop your applications. Emerging technologies—data lakes, analytics, IoT, or artificial intelligence—AWS is for you. Inclined towards infrastructure-based requirement—database, storage, or compute—Amazon cloud will cover you. You shape your product in full throttle because network, security, and configuration worries are ours.

Benefits and Features


Stalwart Security

Stalwart Security

is rock-solid with round-the-clock vigilance of network vulnerabilities and malicious cyber attackers. Agile remediation to break-ins blocks data leakage keeping your system secured. AWS’s 230 security and governance features encrypt your sensitive data.


Backup and Storage

Backup and Storage

services of AWS help you scale up your applications during every stage of your ever-growing business. Whether relational or non-relational, your database needs find a perfect solution with AWS. Comply with the standards while storing, archiving, and backing up your code, data, and customer information.


Best-in-class Disaster Recovery

Best-in-class Disaster Recovery

by AWS solves the financial and management burden of duplicating the compute and storage setup. Pay small and protect your IT infrastructure against disasters. Ensure business continuity and runtime tests with minimal loss and quick recovery with Amazon cloud infrastructure.


One Stop for Innovations

One Stop for Innovations

Whether you are building an IT solution with traditional compute and storage or an innovative product with emerging technologies, AWS accommodates all your needs.


Go Serverless

Go Serverless

and build your core product with sharp commitment. AWS covers complete backend management tasks, and you pay only for what you need and only when you run. Cut your time-to-market.


Pay-as-you-go Model

Pay-as-you-go Model

for 160 cloud services under the AWS umbrella. Without any long-term commitment, you spend only on what and when you use. Straight and transparent like your utility bills.

Why Logesys?

Team Logesys leadership comprises industry and technology experts with dozens of years under their belt. Cloud is one such technology they have mastered in their deliveries to domains like retail, supply chain, life sciences, and manufacturing.


Our Expertise

Managed Services

Whether innovative applications or traditional systems, get the best solutions using AWS from the Logesys team. When you team with Logesys, you get the best of all worlds—financially optimized applications with fast delivery and secure network. Lift your traditional system to a robust AWS cloud system.

Storage as a service

Save a considerable deal of money by opting for cloud storage in AWS. You pay according to your usage need and scalability is seamless under Logesys’s supervision.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Keep the business going without a hitch, whether a flood seeps in or a fire breaks out. You can save quite many dollars without data loss and security compromise under our expert consultation on AWS cloud DR offerings.

Backup as a Service

You would not be troubled with any malicious or accidental data wipe-out or code loss. Ask for backup services, and we will assist you with the AWS backup options.

VM as a service

Expecting to resize of the computing capabilities, no worries. Get virtual machines in the AWS cloud and keep expanding your digital assets while your business is growing.

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