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Adopting a client-centric approach to use data as a source of efficient decision making with the help of industry experts

Data Analytics Solutions

We are a team of cross-function and cross-industry experts who build, test, and deploy analytical and cloud solutions to assist organizations in increasing process efficiency and reducing business risks.

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Data Management Solutions

What We do

Starting with setting the right objectives, our expertise resides in building end-to-end data management solutions. As a constant innovator, we help businesses get the right information at the right time by orchestrating data and bringing out valuable insights.

  • Going from transaction to knowledge, we first help customers identify the right information, convert that into a data store, draw insights from these datasets, and finally derive knowledge.
  • We create patterns, trends, and form correlations with visualizations in business intelligence dashboards, use advanced analytics for greater insight and create opportunities for executing those insights in real-time to make faster and better decisions.
  • We derive a single version of the truth from diverse datasets through holistic approach and data management platforms like Power BI, Qlik, Microsoft Azure, and SharePoint.

how we do it

Archimedes said, Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand, and I can move the earth.” Dealing with data problems is something similar, and our approach is actually not to attack data with tech tools but to understand the objective of the business. We look at data with curious and friendly lenses, thereby finding the fulcrum point for movementthe key to effective solutions. This has served our customers well with satisfaction in implementing analytical solutions over the years: 

  • By applying the best breed of technology and tools, for which we rely on the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report.
  • By understanding that in the world of data overload, technology is just the means to target the problem, and business objectives should take precedence every single time.
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Augmented reality of data analysis

Why We Do it

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created in the world daily, 90% of which are accumulated in the last two years. Gartner predicts that internet would connect 20.4 billion devices by 2020. Why so much data and constant connectivity? Because data is the new gold. As gold needs an amalgamation to be of right use, data needs to be processed and analyzed to make a worth of it. Data has moved from a mere compliance attribute to a valuable business asset. However, it needs to be mined and polished to shine like gold, which compels technology, processes, and business know-how. Also, it demands a reliable and ever-expanding storage solution. Imagine the growing need for security too. So, how would companies dig this data explosion for valuable analogies? How would organizations strike a balance among storage and backup needs, and their budget? Logesys with a motto of Enable Growth offers multidisciplinary solutions in data analytics, business intelligence, and cloud storage and backup solutions. These are not only industry-proven technologies but are also engrossing the buzz of AI seamlessly. If you want to make a differentiation through data in your business while managing the complex requirements of the infrastructure, contact us to get holistic data management solutions like:

  • Dealing with data problems and deriving meaningful insights from the data universe.
  • Exploring opportunities to create game-changing moves through our in-depth and extensive knowledge of business, technology, and data.
  • Securely managing storage, backup, and retrieval of data with tight security.


Meet our Professionals

Joseph Vijayakumar - Logesys.png

Joseph Vijayakumar, CSCP

Joseph is an Entrepreneur with strong domain expertise in supply chain, retail and manufacturing. A seasoned solution architect with strong abilities to understand complexities in both technology and business, he is a strong believer in process and metrics and a practitioner of six sigma and lean principles. Currently working in the space of data and content management, he is building solutions for global organisations in the areas of BI, ESB, and API.

Reginald Mariaraj - Logesys.png

Reginald Mariaraj

An Entrepreneur with strong marketing and public relations skills, Reginald is a seasoned finance and strategic alliances expert with strong negotiation, legal & compliances and partner management skills, having a keen focus on building win-win relationships. He is currently focused on expanding the partner eco-system for Logesys across markets and bringing in newer offerings to the markets in terms of advanced analytics, mobility and cloud computing.


Our History

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