Focus on your application by letting Cloud take care of your infrastructure and storage.

Is the infrastructure management interrupting your product focus? Are you often worried about the backup of your IT system? Azure is the solution to cover your IT management and data disasters.

Microsoft-Azure Services

Why Microsoft Azure?

With Microsoft Azure, you can move your servers, databases, and software to cloud. Any untimely breakdown in the IT system is not your worry anymore as Azure avails round-the-clock support. Also, with security and backup being cloud’s responsibility, you can catalyze your application development with full focus.

Features and Benefits




is top-notch with Azure. Expert teams keep your cyber assets resilient to malicious attacks and track and assess security vulnerabilities. Alongside masking the threat exposures, the cloud responds swiftly post attacks.


Absolute Backup

Absolute Backup

Scaling up in capacity with a growing business and archiving processes are cost-effective. With backup as a service and storage solutions, cut down the time on backup management. Compliance meets regulatory obligations making backup system policies friendly.


Robust Disaster Recovery

Robust Disaster Recovery

Globally located data centers strengthen the disaster recovery with minimal loss at a fast pace. Automated recovery ensures business continuity and real-time-like testing is available, making Azure synonymous to reliable disaster recovery.


Multi-app Support

Multi-app Support

Build enterprise, IoT, mobile, AI, blockchain, analytics, DevOps, or web application efficiently and economically.


Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing

facilitates code and upload strategy. Define the execution condition and let cloud run it saving your expenses.


Try and Buy Model

Try and Buy Model

Try the cloud offerings, and once satisfied, buy the cloud infrastructure solution.

Why Logesys?

Team Logesys prides to nurture an expert cloud development and service group. The team encompasses experience across a wide variety of industries, including retail, supply chain, life sciences, and manufacturing. 

Our Expertise

Lift and Shift

Move your cyber assets to the cloud from on-premise structure hassle-free.

Cloud Optimization

Reap the best performance, instill ace security, and make it financially beneficial. Shift your application to serverless computing and get a superlative outcome with little investment.

Managed Services

Avail eclectic managed services like Storage as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Backup as a Service, or VM as a service to save resources on storage and backup. Also allows you to efficiently manage a valiant disaster management system.

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