Remove technical barriers to data with simple natural language queries.

Do you want to do more with your large datasets like gaining more visibility and control? Get started with – your AI business companion that breaks data silos into accurate insights using conversational technology.

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With, you get easy-to-comprehend answers from large datasets by using natural language queries. Apart from delivering key insights instantly, the advanced features of this conversational AI platform make it the perfect interactive business companion to monitor your essential metrics seamlessly.

Benefits and Features


Simplified Answers

Simplified Answers

Specialized domain and specific natural language understanding. You can use conversations using voice and text in multiple channels for the queries.


Intelligent Adaptation

Intelligent Adaptation

Make most of adaptive learning of knowledge and vocabulary


Enhanced Functionalities

Enhanced Functionalities

Extendable and pluggable analytics, data to story generation, and vertical and industry-specific conversation templates.


Better Insights

Better Insights

Get data monitoring and proactive insights with


Secure Data Access

Secure Data Access

High-performance, low latency data access for different users


Enterprise-grade security

Enterprise-grade security

Avail enterprise-class security with role-based access.

Why Logesys?

We at Logesys are proficient in catering analytics, business intelligence adoption and visualization services needed for various industries. Retail, supply-chain, life-sciences, and manufacturing are the prime verticals out of many we cater to.



Our Expertise

Enterprise wide Dashboard and Visualization Solution

Make purposeful, visually appealing, and interactive dashboards to cultivate facts-driven business plans and smoothen your decision making with our ConverSight AI Services.

Data Visualization and Consultancy

Get better, personalized insights from your data using predictive analysis with our expertise in ConverSight AI.

Integrate Insights

We assist you in making the most of the insights derived from the AI companion.

Enhance Your Reports

No more worrying about underperforming dashboards that sometimes are difficult to comprehend. As a ConverSight AI partner, we assist you in generating quick and accurate reports.

Migration Services

Easily migrate and augment your existing datasets from legacy systems without any hassle. We are there to help you

Customized Corporate Training

Build a robust technical team proficient in conversational analytics with our corporate training packages, customizable based on your end-goals.

Documentation and Ongoing Support

Don’t stop once your analytics needs are fulfilled. Avail long term support for the conversational intelligence dashboard along with crisp documentation.

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