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Retail industry has undergone radical changes over last couple of decades. From handling simple predictable demands, to varied and unique tastes, retailers now need to scrutinize through and analyze terabytes of data to be able to understand customers’ requirements more precisely. With a slew of issues to tackle, retailers need to relook at the way business is typically run to ensure survival.

Logesys has specific expertise on the analytics side of Retail business. Logesys has worked with the world’s largest grocery retailer and helped them implement a robust BI solution in the shortest possible time.

Some of the analytics application which Logesys has built for this industry includes:

  • Executive Analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Store Performance analysis
  • Loyalty Program analytics
  • Staff Cost & Productivity analytics
  • Social media analytics

Other retail expertise of Logesys include

  • AR / AP processing using BPM and DMS
  • System integration
  • Mobile application
  • E-commerce applications