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Logesys with its expertise in the financial business function helps the finance professionals stay on top of key data that measure the financial health of the organization. Business intelligence applications with in the financial analysis include Budgeting and Budget analysis, Revenue analysis, Cost analysis, financial performance management, Accounts Receivable analysis, Accounts Payable analysis etc.

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Sales and Marketing

Logesys with its expertise in Sales and contract management provides services in ERP consulting and business intelligence to energize the organizations access to information. Our Business intelligence service on Qlikview platform assists sales and marketing professionals’ to identify which products, customers and marketing initiatives produce best return for the company.

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Procurement & Inventory Management

Logesys has worked on multiple projects & delivered value to its clientele in the areas of procurement & inventory management. Business Intelligence applications and consulting services from Logesys help to monitor and control the critical performance parameters

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Human Capital Management

Logesys has worked on HCM Metrics / Analysis projects and helps its clientele to identify the key trends in the employee performance, efficiency of HCM in the Organization, Cost of HCM, Training efficiencies, Productivity and much more.

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