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Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing

In any business organization sales and marketing departments have to coordinate all the elements involved in successfully promoting & selling the products and services of the organization. Irrespective of manufacturing, operation, technology, financial goal and management techniques every organization should have a successful sales mechanism in place. The visibility into company’s sales pipeline, integrated sales, customer trends and market competition are the key for the growth of organization.

Logesys with its expertise in Sales and Contract management provides services in ERP consulting and business intelligence to energize the organizations access to information. Our Business intelligence service on Qlikview platform assists sales and marketing professionals’ to identify which products, customers and marketing initiatives produce best return for the company.

With the ability to roll up budgets across the entire organization or drill down to the detail level for specific sales groups’ sales and marketing managers get much better insights into their plan and results. With our Business Intelligence solutions you can:

  • See the impact of changes in any part of your business on revenue , expense, and cash flow using what- if scenarios
  • Drive sales revenue based on bookings
  • Analyze & enhance margins on your products or services
  • Review results by region ,product line or sales rep to track against goals and identify top performers and those needing improvement