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Logesys cater to different industries across the globe


Highly informed and more demanding customers are challenging retailers to consider new ways of tapping into their data to answer the “crunchy questions” that can hold the key to improving performance. As the questions become more complicated to answer, retailers require in-depth insights to effectively manage and forecast future performance.

Logesys has specific expertise on the analytics side of Retail business. Logesys has worked with the world’s largest grocery retailer and helped them implement a robust BI solution in the shortest possible time.

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Manufacturing sector has been one of the hard hit sectors post the recession. In order to make each of its services more effective and cost efficient Manufacturing companies have been on the constant lookout for analyzing the trends across operations, procurement, inventory management & allied functions.

Our expertise in manufacturing domain has helped handle multiple projects to deliver value addition to it’s clientele. Through it’s close knit tie with the Supply chain domain, manufacturing sector had been the logical extension for our skill sets.

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Insurance industry is in a state of flux. Constant changes on the regulatory norms & ever changing customer needs make the industry highly competitive. The service offerings from the Insurance providers need to meet customer expectations and serve the organization in achieving its overall goals in these challenging times.

Logesys has handled BI Implementations for Insurance companies and has gained in depth knowledge and expertise to help its client’s access and improve their services as well as enhance the organizational efficiency.

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Supply Chain / Logistics

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has emerged as one of the most powerful business improvement tools. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and a host of service organizations have discovered that they must either transform their operations and tactics or be beaten by competition from more aggressive supply networks.

Logesys has extensive expertise in the supply chain domain, especially on the supply chain execution side. With the strong supply chain domain knowledge & proven expertise through its certified SCM professionals Logesys helps it’s clients to make their supply chains more agile & efficient.

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Energy & Utilities

From smart meters and cyber-attacks to rooftop solar and energy storage, new technologies—and the problems they bring—have the potential to disrupt the utility industry. After remaining relatively unchanged for the last 100 years, the grid is facing a host of new challenges that are evolving utility business models, changing consumer expectations and causing regulatory models to adapt.

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