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Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Today’s workforce is increasingly global. From compensation planning to performance reviews and learning tools, a widespread workforce demands integrated HCM. HCM should be strategy-driven, and should align your organization’s people strategy with company’s overall values and goals. Developing and engaging employees and managing their performance are key priorities that drive business productivity and growth.

Logesys has worked on HCM Metrics / Analysis projects and helps its clientele to identify the key trends in the employee performance. Key areas addressing the employee performance metrics include:

Staff metrics (MTD, YTD)

  • Employee Turnover Rate (Overall/ Country wise and Top 5/Bottom 5 employee turnover)
  • Staff Count ( Store wise, Country wise, Store type wise, department wise)
  • Seniority staff analysis (Grade wise /Nationality wise)
  • Average length of service (current staff), % of local staff and expats

Working time indicators (MTD, YTD)

  • % of total hours lost to absenteeism
  • Average overtime hours per person

Training KPIs (MTD, YTD)

  • Training expenditures/total salaries and wages
  • % employees gone through training & Number of training hours per employee
  • Comparison between training hours and productivity (Before training and after training)

HR budget/Cost metrics

  • Staff cost Actual vs. Budgeted (R/H and R/B)
  • Cost per hour analysis, Staff Cost Break down analysis