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Understanding the organizational financial health is fundamental aspect of responding to today’s increasingly stringent financial reporting requirements. The finance department of an organization deals with assessment of a business for the planning, budgeting, monitoring, forecasting and improving financial details within the organization. To avoid risks, organizations must quickly identify and ascertain financial ratios and trends across liabilities and assets, Analyze and adjust planned & forecasted amounts.

Logesys with its expertise in the financial business function helps the finance professionals stay on top of key data that measure the financial health of the organization. Business intelligence applications with in the financial analysis include Budgeting and Budget analysis, Revenue analysis, Cost analysis, financial performance management, Accounts Receivable analysis, Accounts Payable analysis etc.

Our services for the financial business function can assist to:

  • Achieve a consolidated view of financial data coming from multiple ERPs and spreadsheets and other planning systems
  • Investigate financial data more thoroughly by drilling down to transaction – level detail from higher level reports
  • Provide management with all data required to optimize the business performance
  • Analyze Key Performance Indicators and advise the executive team on options to improve the financial performance of the organization