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CoE - Business Intelligence

Centre of Excellence – Business Intelligence

CoE – BI is a team within Logesys that comprises of BI Experts with vast experience in implementing BI solutions. This team within Logesys brings in best practices in defining industry specific KPIs, implementing ETL strategies, Dashboard Designs and overall BI Project Management and BI strategy development.

Goals of the BI – CoE team

Define BI Project objectives

Using our unique IDEA methodology framework CoE team help clients in defining the BI project objective aligning to overall Company goals.

Bring Domain expertise

CoE team comprises of Experts from specific domains like Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance etc. will work along with client’s team to device what metrics are important to measure keeping in mind the overall company’s growth strategy.

Bring Technical expertise

CoE team brings in technical best practices from its past experiences in BI implementations to ensure best-in-class, scalable, maintainable, user friendly and high performance BI solutions. ETL strategies, Dashboard Designs, Data security, Authentication & Authorization standards are covered in best possible way.

Ensure Value is delivered

CoE team’s objective in any BI implementation is to ensure the value is delivered by completing the project on-time, with best quality while ensuring all the stated objectives are met in the most effective way.

Achievements of CoE – BITeam
  • SiB (Seeing is Believing) exercise with client data in 3 days
  • Full-fledged working Dashboard in 15 days
  • Load performance improved by 40%