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Business Discovery

Business Discovery

Business discovery is all about drawing insights about your organization/business in whole new way, without any dependency on resources, IT overhead or time delay. Business discovery helps you achieve four things.

  • Look at your business in a whole new way
  • Spot trends and opportunities
  • Identify issue proactively before it becomes problem
  • Empower business users at all levels to make smarter business decisions.

Business discovery framework from QlikView helps business not only answer questions like

  • What has happened?
  • Why it is happened?
  • What will happen?

But also critical question of what has not happened or what has not been considered? This question helps to unearth the opportunity of doing nothing or considering something.
QlikView achieve this through a proprietary technology called ‘Associative Search’ which renders this crucial insight through a visual aid of green, white and grey shading over underlying data. This unique features adds significant value to businesses users for making crucial business decisions like

  • Brand/ product Promotion decisions
  • Customer buying decisions
  • Inventory management and allocation
  • Store performance
  • AR/AP strategies
  • Route optimization
  • Resource/Labour productivity management
  • Social marketing strategies
  • Risk management
  • And many more innumerable business demands

Our implementation services for Business Discovery using QlikView include:

  • Resource augmentation
  • Development
  • End-user training
  • Migration services
  • Consulting service

To understand more about business discovery and how it can delivery greater value through better insight Contact us for a free demo